Chiropractic Testimonials

"My mother introduced me to Dr. Miller about 2 years ago. He not only helps me relieve the pain I get from scoliosis but also is a great mentor for all my health questions. He is full of great information and is always fun to talk to."

- Ashley E.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­"We appreciate all the good care our family has received throughout the years from Dr. Miller, his associates, and staff.

The atmosphere is always happy, and every patient is special."

- Ann S. and Sister Dorothea

"Thank you, Dr. Miller, for healing and making me feel like a new person. You have magically taken away pain from my lower back, neck, shoulders, and knees and even taken away the common cold. You have proven that by a good diet and correct exercise it also heals the mind. My referrals will keep coming and your office staff is very caring. Not dealing with pain makes my everyday life much easier and it makes me a happier human being."

- Dave F.

"We have been patients of The Chiropractic Place since its first year. Although we originally came in for some injuries, we later switched to the Wellness Program to get ongoing care and preventive health maintenance. We Continue to be amazed at the variety of health matters that the doctors here can address and improve with their knowledge.

Whether we have injured ourselves through sports, chores, or life The Chiropractic Place well rounded care has sped recovery. We value the personal interest that Dr Miller and his team takes in helping each patient, and their dedication to keeping up to date with the newest developments in their fields.

What is not said often enough is how the unfailingly cheerful efficiency of the office staff keeps things running smoothly and adds to the friendly ambience of each visit. We are extremely fortunate to have this team on our side through life's bumps and twists."

- Jon and Karen V.

"Since seeking treatment with Dr. Miller, my overall health has improved. My digestion is better than ever, my physical abilities have far exceeded my expectations. I have been more relaxed. My singing voice has improved drastically because of the adjustments to my diaphragm. I truly feel that chiropractic care is the solution to overall good health and a longer healthier life!"

- Julia N.

"I started going to Dr. Miller after a riding accident that resulted in multiple fractures. Dr. Miller not only helped me recover from my acute injuries, but he also helped resolve some chronic back and neck problems that I had. I have been to many chiropractors, but Dr. Miller was the first to really make some headway in keeping me pain free and did it in a very gentle manner.

The office staff at The Chiropractic Place is always very friendly, accommodating, and helpful. I also really appreciate the fact that there is minimal waiting. I can always count on being in and out in a noticeably short time. It is exceedingly rare that you can go to a doctor's office and not have to plan on being there for at least an hour or more. I appreciate someone who values my time as much as I do."

- Megan B.

"I started seeing Dr. Miller 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I had a lot of discomfort in my pelvis areas due to stretched ligaments. Dr. Miller helped me through my last trimester with great ease. I was forever hooked. I have always brought my children to see Dr. Miller on a regular basis and he is my first stop when they are sick. Having regular adjustments have made both my children much healthier and quicker to recover from the common childhood illnesses. My oldest has had the best experience I would say. He became allergic to many things around the age of 5. His allergies got worse and worse until the first time he had trouble breathing. The medical doctors said the only thing they could do for him was give him steroids to help him breath easier until the reaction passed. When I brought him to Dr. Miller in just one adjustment he was breathing easier and we have continued regular treatment for his allergies ever since. In the last 5 years he has grown out of most of his allergies and I know seeing Dr. Miller made a lot of that possible.

My husband had never seen a chiropractor before meeting Dr. Miller and with chronic pain in his knees he thought nothing could be done to help. He has gotten great relief from regular adjustments. The whole family has better quality of life because we use chiropractic as a regular routine to maintain our general health.

Thank you to everyone at The Chiropractic Place for everything you have done over the years."

- Bryn W.

"I first started seeing Dr. Brian Miller in November of 1995 when my former chiropractor moved out of the country. My son, Andrew, was only 6 months old. Together we have been coming to The Chiropractic Place regularly for over 8 years! Chiropractic care is our first line of health care. I come in every week for an adjustment to help keep me in peak form for all my physical activities. I have two horses and ride at least 4 times a week. I actively compete in horse trials which not only involves the riding part but the loading and unloading and driving the trailer part. Without chiropractic, I do not think I could keep this up pain free. Dr. Miller always gets me back on my feet after a particularly tough week. Last year, I took up the outdoor fitness program, Extreme Book Camp. All the running and pushups are great but also take their toll on the body. Thank you Dr. Miller for keeping me together during these brutal sessions. Whether it was a shoulder injury or chronic knee pain, the team at The Chiropractic Place gets me going again. I also passionately believe in chiropractic as the best remedy for illness. When I feel something coming on for me or my son, we get an adjustment as an immune system boost. Andrew has not missed school in the last 2years duel to illness. He never had an ear infection after he started getting adjustments as a baby. I cannot say enough about how chiropractic has changed my life. I recommend it to my friends and family whenever I can."

- Karen B.

"About four years ago I started having severe pain in my right shoulder. I had previously also had sporadic tendonitis in my right arm. Upon seeing an orthopedic surgeon and having x-rays, I discovered that I had a bulging disc in my neck and the rest of the discs were also squashed. In an effort to heal itself my body had sent calcium to the area and was depositing it on the vertebrae causing a bone spur. The lack of space between my vertebrae was causing pressure on the nerves going down my right arm. The doctor explained that the condition was unusual in someone so young (I was 30), that discs cannot "rehydrate" themselves since they are not living tissue. My best course of action would be to take muscle relaxants, use a jacuzzi and eventually I could have surgery to open the nerve canal to release pressure on the nerves. Needless to say, I was terrified!

About two years ago I started doing yoga. I was always careful of my neck and of any other pain or discomfort but loved many of the other benefits of it.

A little over a year ago, I came to Dr. Miller. He told me he could help me and that although I had a problem with my neck alignment, the discs looked nice and fat and healthy. He encouraged me to continue with the yoga, because it would help to make his job easier. For the first time I felt optimistic. Recently, I had another set of x-rays taken. My neck curve is completely normal! My discs look great! I never have pain in my shoulder anymore, or tendinitis in my arm. I feel great, my postures improve, I feel calmer and more centered."

- Michelle F.

"In 1987 I had Bells Palsy (facial paralysis). Though the paralysis went away, and my face resumed being normal, I had about a 20% hearing loss in my right ear. It did not bother me much, even though I am a musician, but I always felt a little lopsided and had various minor discomforts. Like if my left ear were covered for some reason I would have trouble hearing (like I was lying on my left side in bed, for example).

After just two visits to Dr. Miller, and me doing my neck and spine exercises twice a day, a miraculous thing happened. I was standing around on a break at a gig (musical engagement), when I had a stabbing pain in my right ear-like someone stuck on ice pick in it. It was very intense. I grabbed the side of my head, expecting to feel continued pain, and notice that the pain was gone. I felt different. I felt my equilibrium shift, felt more balanced and centered… and my hearing returned. After twelve years of lost hearing, it came back, out of the blue. And as a side benefit my right nasal passage has been clearing up after being congested most of my life.

Two visits. Two weeks of daily exercises that took about five minutes.

Chiropractic Works.

Thanks is an understatement."

- Marty B.

"Unlike many patients who go to chiropractors for a chronic backache or other specific ailment, I came for general health and maintenance. And sure enough, it has been very successful. I notice better movement in my neck and stronger muscles in my upper back. My daughter also sees Dr. Miller regularly. Her arm was continually popping out of place, but with just a handful of treatments, the problem has become much less severe.

What impresses me the most about Dr. Miller is his knowledge of a wide variety of techniques. As a result, he is able to tailor the exact right treatment for your specific needs. I really appreciate his compassion, understanding and expertise, and highly recommend him to absolutely everyone who cares about their health."

- Steve & Siri M.

"When I first visited Dr. Miller I was miserable. My neck and lower back were giving me "fits". I had pain in my shoulders, neck, sciatica (bilateral) and left knee. After four visits, I have great relief in neck andl sciatica, here today, gone tomorrow type of pain. I can walk most of the day without severe knee pain. I didn't seek help earlier through the six months of pain because I figured it was OLD AGE. Thanks for letting myself be myself again. Slowly is ok but I know I will be my old self someday."

- Maryann M.

"I started chiropractic care with Dr. Miller in 1997 when he opened his office across the street from my office. At that time, I was having a lot of very severe headaches that would totally knock me off my feet. Since that time, the headaches have pretty much gone away. I have realized the benefit of on-going maintenance that keeps me feeling very good. In August of 2002, I was involved in a car accident where I was hit from the rear. Again, chiropractic came to the rescue and has helped me to get back to a normal routine with minimum pain."

- Kaye M.

"I had been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I was told to splint my wrists, take Advil, and go to a nerve center for testing (I had heard nerve testing was painful) and I was losing the strength in my right hand. I had gone earlier to Dr. Miller for upper back and neck problems and wondered if he could "fix" my problem. I went three times a week, starting out and noticed a BIG improvement in no time flat. I had been splinting my hands every night for a month (which my doctor said was the best thing for them) with no improvement. In two months, with Dr. Miller, my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is gone and my strength and lifting ability is great."

- Julie M.

"I felt it important to let everyone know how important it is to stay in shape and using a chiropractor for regular maintenance and wellbeing. Involved with this is nutrition and being more aware of what I put into my body. Dr. Miller has really shaped my outlook on health. I have been a regular patient of Dr. Miller's since 1990's. Recently I have also been introduced so some important nutritional facts that help as I age. My present age is 63 years old. I was part of a team of bicyclists riding for MS raising funds and awareness of this disability. We rode 75 miles from Camarillo to Santa Barbara on a 1-day ride.

I was concerned before because of my age and had never ridden that distance. My personal best had been 50miles and that was 3 years before.

I want to thank Dr. Miller for helping me and encouraging me to believe I could do this especially important ride. Who knows there is a 100 mile ride in 2008 and it may be the ride I take next."

- Fred D.

"The beginning of the end for me was a Sunday afternoon's weed whacking - by midnight I could no longer move my legs, change position in bed, let alone get up that Monday morning. As always, I felt that a few days of lying around on the sofa, legs supported on pillows would cure me. But this time I was wrong.

After a few days of lollygagging, I was able to get around well enough to go to work. I am a school nurse. I met up with Dr. Brian when he was conducting a scoliosis screening at one of my schools. He invited me to come to their clinic, presented the idea of three times a week for twelve weeks of acute treatment. I am now grateful to The Chiropractic Place. I attended every appointment, did the exercises about 80% of the time and I am now back to horse riding, gardening, and work! Thanks to all at The Chiropractic Place."

- Suzanna W.

"For two and a half years, I had a consistent pain on my left side under my ribs. My doctor was convinced after many x rays that my pain was do to a torn flank muscle that would not heal correctly (this was the theory, never confirmed as I was told it was soft tissue and hard to be determined on x rays) unless I remained completely inactive out of work and to top it off a regiment of pain pills and muscle relaxers for 90 days I would continue to re-injure the muscle and starting the process over again. I could go along with the torn muscle part but the cure as unacceptable that is when I started looking into alternative solutions. A few friends mentioned chiropractic care and that is when I stared with The Chiropractic Place, one of the best decisions I ever made. After approximately thirty days, the pain was diminishing and has been completely gone for several months now. This was great but the residual benefits restored dreaming, range of motion and an improving Bio system were as equally welcomed. Thought I was in for a back cracking. Little did I know of how the healing system really worked and how it feed it. Many thanks to Dr. Miller and the staff. I fell I am on the right road for a longer, more active and healthier life."

- Kevin G.

"I came to Dr. Miller after having been to a number of other chiros earlier over the past 10 years. I had awfully bad spasms in my neck off and-on-and extreme back tightness, but the worst was very painful sciatica (severe shooting pains) in my left leg, which had been going on for about a year. I would have attacks of this 2-3 times a week which would interrupt my work badly.

After the very first adjustment to my neck, I felt much more awake and energetic. I have another health condition which affects my energy, but aside from this it made a huge difference. After about 5 treatments, I noticed, viola! No more sciatica. I have not had an attack for about 3months now and it is great. I must also add that I am a very undependable patient, that is, I made it for 2 or 3 treatments in a row but after that lucky if I could make it once every three weeks. I do not think I have had more than 8 treatments in all. So, I guess they know what they are doing."

- John T.

"When I first came here I could only sleep for three hours at a time and I also could not turn my neck extremely far from side to side. After coming to a chiropractic for a few months, I can back my car easier because I am able to turn around. I can now sleep for at least six hours at a time and my friends say I am not so grumpy."

- Jim J.

"When I started going to Dr. Miller over three years ago, I was suffering from frequent migraine headaches-about once a week, and sometimes very severe. They required barbiturates to ease the pain and at least several hours of rest to return to normal. I was scared to go out sometimes, with the fear that a migraine would begin, and I would not have enough time to get home to manage it before it became overwhelming.

As soon as I started seeing Dr. Miller, I immediately felt a lot of tension relieved from my neck and shoulders. Although I was a little skeptical of the benefit due to the cost, I quickly realized it was worth the price for not being "out of commission" al the time. There was a gradual improvement over several months.

Although I still get headaches sometimes, I no longer take the barbiturates to control pain. The headaches are manageable, mild, and are no longer a significant problem. I encourage everyone to try "non-traditional" treatments like chiropractic."

- Bill F.

"I would like to express my gratitude for your expert care which brough me so much relief. For many years I have suffered from chronic anxiety leaving me sleepless and experiencing a multitude of aches, pains, and numbness. Recently, this condition started to raise my blood pressure creating headaches and other problems. My medical doctor was going to prescribe medication which I did not want but felt obligated to take to find relief. I was tired of suffering and needed to function for my family and career.

I was amazed and still can not believe how you were able to find the source of the problem, make the adjustment and relieve the pain and pressure within moments. The relief continues and my blood pressure remains normal. This cure has removed my skepticism about holistic care and treatment.

I am a fan forever!"

- Cindy P.

"Six months ago, I had twin daughters. After coming home from the hospital, the girls had several problems with digestions as do many newborns. After trying several formulas, my pediatrician suggested to take them to a chiropractor, but she said, it was especially important that I make sure that it is Dr. Miller that sees them. Sure enough, after a few visits, their digestion became better and they did not have as many problems with spiting up and gas. However, I was a little skeptical, thinking that it may have been time that cured them. One of the appointments, I did not bring the girls and I noticed how one of them became stiff and began spitting up again. That is when I realized that Dr. Miller is a magician.

A little time passed by, I decided to have my back checked. After the initial work up, he decided that I would benefit from some therapy with him. My back was hurting for the past several years and my ankles were hurting. He was able to diagnose that my problem was coming from my neck. I signed up to start the wellness program. A few weeks in the program, I decided that adjustments helped. I felt that my back pain was gone.

At this point, I decided to help my other family members. My mother-in-law always complained of pains in her joints and bones. I decided that Dr. Miller might be able to help her with her aches and pains. She started coming with me to see him. After a while she told me that the pain in her hip is gone and now there is just pain in her neck. Dr. Miller has been working hard to adjust her spine and re-educate her muscles.

The next step for me was to get my mother to come visit Dr. Miller. This was the challenge for me. My mom was a surgeon, and she thinks she knows everything about medicine. I had to explain to her what I thought about the whole treatment plan and how it helped me to have her at least try several visits. I thought she might benefit from Dr. Miller's magic. After the fist adjustment she told me she thinks Dr. Miller is on to something. Coming from a medical doctor, that is something.

I hope everyone has faith in Dr. Miller and gives chiropractic care a chance to the road of wellness to promote health and wellbeing. I am a registered nurse and I always recommend chiropractic care to my patients. Seeing Dr. Miller improved our health and will improve yours."

- Kristin V.


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